Scrap Metal Recycling, Structural Steel, Steel Roofing & Siding Sales

Scrap Metal Recycling Structural SteelStructural SteelStructural SteelStructural SteelStructural Steel

Tri Province Enterprises in Moncton is a diversified recycling company.  We operate a scrap metal recycling facility, a structural steel service centre, a resale yard for steel deals, a recycling equipment sales & service facility, and a metal roofing & siding division.

We're open to the general public as well as commercial customers. While primarily focused in Greater Moncton and surrounding area, we serve customers throughout Atlantic Canada.

At Tri Province we've been providing a wide variety of recycling services for over 30 years. We're locally owned and operated and employ a dedicated team of over 40 individuals. Our business is built on service.

Details on the services available at each location are as follows:

88 Toombs St. 131 Toombs St. 158 Toombs St.
-Main Office

Ph 858-8110
Fax 859-7202
-Scrap Yard
-Recycling Sales & Service (office)
-Certified Public Truck Weigh Scales
Ph 858-8110
Fax 383-1324
-Steel Service Centre
-Steel Roofing & Siding
-HDPE Culvert & Drain Tile

Ph 858-8110
Fax 1-888-317-1612

All of our locations are open Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm, and Saturday from 8am - 1pm.

Contact us for more information.